Quick Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Is your service satellite based?2017-02-06T21:44:16+00:00

Our service is wireless, but is not satellite based.  We use towers, close to your physical location, to relay a signal to you.  This allows us to provide fast service and low latency, two important factors in choosing an Internet provider.

Do I need to have phone or cable service to subscribe to Getwireless?2023-09-19T15:58:27+00:00

No, you do not need an active phone or cable service to get Getwireless. Getwirelessservice is completely separate from your phone and cable services.

How fast is Getwireless service?2023-09-19T15:58:44+00:00

Getwireless has both residential and dedicated business services.  Service and speeds are dependant on your physical location.  We primarily serve parts of Centre County, Pennsylvania.

Not all speed plans are available in all locations.  In some more remote areas where we offer coverage, we offer residential speeds. Our standard packages range from 2mb/s to 20mb/s. As our standard service is based on line of site to your location from one of our tower locations, each location is unique and will be assessed by a trained technician.  If you have near line of site, meaning that your location is partially obstructed by some trees, we may still be able to offer you service, but at a lower speed package. In some cases, a site survey may be required to determine serviceability of your location.  This will also be completed by a trained technician.

If you are looking for dedicated business services we can deliver high capacity Internet to your business, up to 10Gb/s by building a dedicated fiber backbone or fiber and microwave backbone to your location. These dedicated services are custom and purely quote based.

How is it wired into my home or business?2023-09-19T15:59:18+00:00

Getwireless professionally mounts an antenna(or radio) on your roof or side of your building. This antenna will have an Ethernet cable attached to it, which will enter the home, similar to other utilities. This Ethernet cable will both provide power to the antenna and service to your computer or router.  You are responsible for distribution of the Internet throughout your home either via an Ethernet network or via a wireless network. You are responsible for maintaining your own internal network.

Is the usage unlimited?2023-09-19T15:59:29+00:00

Yes. However, Getwireless allocates 10GB of unthrottled bandwidth usage (data transfer) per month for our standard residential service, and 15GB for our Ultra-high-speed service, which includes both uploaded and downloaded data. Most broadband users find that this is more than adequate for their Internet usage. If you exceed that usage, it is OK – however, Getwireless.net (doesn’t currently), but reserves the right to throttle large uploads/downloads (such as movies, file sharing etc.). All other uses (web, e-mail, etc) will run at the standard speed.

How do I connect multiple computers to the connection?2023-09-19T15:59:41+00:00

Getwireless will install a single Ethernet cable or port inside your home/business.   If you have more than one computer, or would like to use phones, tablets and laptops, you will need to purchase your own wireless router.   A router allows you to share your Internet connection among multiple devices in your home.   We recommend that you purchase a high end, dual-band wireless router, with the latest technology and advancements, as this technology is always changing and advancing.  The practical life of a router is 2 years.  This is due to the rapid advancement in wireless connectivity.

How reliable is Getwireless Internet service compared with wired services such as cable and DSL?2023-09-19T15:59:56+00:00

We have designed our wireless network to be as reliable as any wired network.  In some cases, it exceeds wired connections, as we have no physical connections between you and the source(tower) that can be disrupted.

What about e-mail accounts?2023-09-19T16:00:08+00:00

If you already have e-mail accounts, you can access these accounts over the Getwireless Internet connection.  This includes popular free e-mail services and work or business accounts.

How long will it take to set up service?2017-02-06T21:46:48+00:00

We can typically have service installed within a few days of placing an order for our standard service.   Once we have determined that the service will work at your location, it takes about 2-3 hours to hook everything up.

Does weather affect the service?2017-02-06T21:47:07+00:00

Wireless Internet access requires a “line-of-sight” connection from your building to one of our towers. This means that any large trees, buildings or other obstructions may cause a degraded level of service. Our installers do a site survey before installing to make sure that there is a good signal. Weather will not typically cause a degradation of service, even in very severe storms. Your connection should remain stable even during winter months or other stormy periods. As with any service including, phone, electric or cable, if there is storm damage from a severe storm, our technicians will respond quickly to any outage.

What are you coverage areas?2017-02-06T21:47:45+00:00

Click here to see our coverage area map.

How does Getwireless Fixed-Point Wireless Internet service work?2023-09-19T16:00:45+00:00

Getwireless professionally mounts an antenna (radio) on your building (typically the roof). This antenna will have an Ethernet cable attached to it, which will enter the building, similar to other utilities. This Ethernet cable will both provide power to the antenna and service to your computer or router. The Ethernet cable is typically installed into your phone room or demarcation point. If you need additional cabling or setup done, this can be quoted or done on a time and material basis.

How can I access Getwireless Internet service?2023-09-19T16:01:00+00:00

Getwireless offers two connection options: (1) wireless broadband, (2) wired broadband.  Our wired broadband options are currently only offered in select State College based locations, or on long term agreement for dedicated service.

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